PRI taking initiatives to promote legal remittances

The electronic payment system will discourage the illegal means of money transfer as the remittance will reach the beneficiary immediately to receiver without need to physically go and collect the cash from an agent location, this was stated by Rizwan Ali Hamdani, Country Manager AFPak Xpress Money in an exclusive interview to The Nation.

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Filipino expatriates slam draft law that links regular remittance to passport renewal

Dubai: Filipino expatriates in the UAE slammed a draft law filed in Manila that would compel them to regularly send money to their family back home or risk not getting their passports renewed.

A draft law filed in the Philippine Congress aims to make remittances mandatory and regular for all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with legal dependants in the Philippines. Called House Bill 3576, the draft law, if approved, will authorise heads of Philippine missions to not renew passports of “erring OFWs” unless they show proof that they regularly send money home.

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