Rural families and remittances decline

Rural families are the most affected by the Covid 19 pandemic as remittances continue to decline globally.
International Fund for Agricultural Development (Ifad)) Senior Technical Specialist, Coordinator, Financing Facility for Remittances Pedro de Vasconcelos say the global economic situation could push rural families to even deeper poverty levels.
Globally majority of migrant workers are from low and middle income countries.
It is estimated that the world’s 200 million migrant workers send money regularly to 800 million family members to help them access food, health and education.
Speaking in Rome, Italy during a question and answer reporting online session organized by the Thomson Reuters Foundation as part of a Covid-19 professional development programme run in association with Ifad, Mr Vascocelos asked governments globally to work together to ensure remittance flow does not fall drastically.
“I am calling on all governments to act fast and minimize the impact of the drop in remittances on food security of rural families,” said Mr Vascocelos.

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