Public Sector Day

Session VIII: GFRID 2020 and closing

Public Sector Day – 10 May

The introduction of SDG 10.c in 2015 has brought a renewed focus on how to leverage remittances for development. The Public Sector Day built on the learnings from the past two days and incorporated them into some of the vital initiatives that are currently taking place. Whilst a remittance, at its simplest, is a person-to-person money transfer, the development agenda recognizes that it presents opportunities to deliver so much more, especially through the potential contribution to financial inclusion and diaspora investment.

Through six plenaries and two parallel sessions, the Public Sector Day examined how to harness remittances for financial inclusion and how to achieve meaningful diaspora investment. It also looked at how to create successful public-private-partnerships and to implement the provisions set forth in the GC/M.

Day 3 concluded by bringing together the themes of GFRID 2018, outlining the Asia-Pacific action agenda for the following two years, and concluding the Forum.