Oman United Exchange plans to open two branches every year

Oman United Exchange Company (OUE), a joint venture between Oman Holdings International Co (OHI) and United Bank Limited (UBL) of Pakistan, plans to expand in Oman with an average of two branches every year, the general manager of the company said at a press conference held at Grand Hyatt recently.

The company also launched a new re-branding logo at the event reflecting the dynamism of global remittance.

Speaking at the event, Saleemullah, GM of OUE, said that the company is open to having new branches to increase their reach within the sultanate. “There are plans to open more branches in Oman, with the next branch opening at Barka by next year. Right now we have five branches in the sultanate.

“Our main aim is to have a target of opening two branches in Oman every year, so that we can reach out to our customers at far off locations.”

The company deals in the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, travellers’ cheques, demand drafts and remittances by having correspondence arrangements with banks across the world.

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