GFRD2015 agenda and resources


GFRD2015 Brochure

Video of the International Day of Family Remittances



Session I

Sending money home – Europe 2015 | Video: European flows and markets

Adolfo Brizzi

Session II

G20 2015 – Turkish Presidency

Yakup Asarkaya

Session III

Facilitating remittance flows: Policy and regulatory reforms to improve the safety and efficiency of the remittance markets

Massimo Cirasino



Session V – Panel I | The Global and European remittance markets: State of play

Presentations by:

Y. Sudhir Kumar Shetty | Sebastian Plubins Malfanti | Elena Gafarova | Leon Isaacs

Video by DMA on the International Day of Family Remittances

Session VI – Panel IA | Innovations and inclusive remittance products

Presentation by Adrie Kuiper

Session VI – Panel IB | Inclusive technologies: Card, mobile and web based

Presentations by:

Max Chion | Simone Di Castri | Brad Prentice | Valentine Obi

Session VII – Panel IA | The sending side…

Presentation by Walter Pinci

Session VII – Panel IB | …The receiving end

Presentation by Nicolaas De Zwager

Session VIII | Reaching the last mile: Key actions towards financial inclusion

Presentation by Sabasaba Moshingi



Session X | The global diasporas and migrant communities: The human face of globalization

Presentation by Kingsley Aikins

Session XI – Panel IB | Where remittances matter the most: Rebuilding post-conflict societies

Presentations by:

Lee C. Sorensen | Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie

Session XII – Panel IA | Learning, sending, saving and investing

Presentation by Estrella Mai Dizon-Anonuevo 

Session XII – Panel IB | Financial instruments for diaspora investors

Presentations by:

Nicolaas De Zwager | Josephine G. Cervero

Session XIII – Panel I | Global agenda on migration and development

Presentations by:

Bela Hovy | Dilip Ratha | David Khoudour

Session XIII – Panel II | From pilots to scale: International Financial Institutions (IFIs) helping to make a difference

Presentations by:

Pedro De Vasconcelos | Tomas Miller

Session XIII – Panel III | Project Greenback 2.0 Remittance Champion Cities

Presentations by:

Marco Nicoli | Alison Ang

Videos on Champion Cities: Turin | Montreuil

Session XIV | Global Forum 2015: Best Practices Awards for Innovations and Public Private and People Partnerships

Presentations by:

WorldRemit Ltd. | Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)

Videos by:

WorldRemit Ltd. | Bioessence Labs | Asociación Mexicana de Uniones de Crédito del Sector Social A.C. (AMUCSS)



Diaspora investment in rural development: Bangladesh and global experience

Organized by BASUG & Oxfam Novib

Download the report

Engaging overseas Filipinos in rural development 

Organized by Atikha and Pinoy Worldwide Initiative for Investment Savings and Entrepreneurship (Pinoy WISE) movement

Remittances 2020 initiative (closed event)

International Financial Institutions’ strategic and operational approaches for maximizing the impact of Remittances and Development

MFW4A Consultation: supporting diaspora productive investments in Africa (closed event)

Organized by Making Finance Work for Africa

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