GFR 2007 Objectives of the Forum

The Forum brought key players together to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities of remittances and to shed light on the rural dimension of these flows, estimated at 40 per cent of total flows. In addition, the Forum explored the links between remittances and banking, technology and microfinance, and discuss ways to integrate development agencies’ agendas on remittances. The two-day event included a series of roundtable discussions and working groups devoted to an in-depth exchange of ideas and business models for urban and rural remittances worldwide. Sessions within the Forum covered such topics as financial inclusion, migrant investments, gender dimension, technology, innovation and development.

Providers of products and services had the opportunity to share innovations that enhance the impact of remittance flows worldwide.
This Forum reflected the ongoing efforts of IFAD, IDB, the European Union, CGAP, UNCDF, and the Governments of Luxembourg and Spain to improve the development impact of remittances and raise awareness of their rural dimension. It built on the experience gained through recent conferences and initiatives aimed at promoting links between governments, the private sector, NGOs, multilateral institutions, migrant hometown associations, financial institutions and the diplomatic community.

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