Expats opt for bKash to send remittances

In this worldwide ‘lockdown’ situation enforced for preventing Covid-19, expatriate Bangladeshis are relying on online-to-wallet money transfer service to send remittance to their loved ones back home. During this time of emergency, the expatriate Bangladeshis as well as their relatives who receive remittance here are staying at home. So, without going outside, they are sending money back home through their online or wallet based money transfer service via banking channel to their relatives’ bKash accounts.
As a result, the amount of remittance inflow through bKash is much more than usual during this period. bKash is offering international remittance services via partnership with six different local commercial banks under the strict guidance of the Central Bank.
The expatriates have sent about 1.38 billion Taka in remittance from January to 18 April, 2020. According to bKash sources, the expatriates have sent around 150 percent more remittance on daily average in April, compared to first three months of this year through online and wallet based money transfer companies from different parts of the world.

Most of the remittances in bKash come from Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Middle East, Europe and UK. As a result of strategic partnerships with wallet based service companies like Valyou, Hanpass or Gmoney, the residents of those countries, even in this time of Covid-19, are being able to send money to their relatives’ bKash accounts within a few minutes from their mobile wallets.

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