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Global Forum on Remittances Development 2015

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Date: 16 Jun 2015 - 18 Jun 2015

The Global Forum on Remittances and Development (GFRD) 2015 will be held in Milan on 16-19 June atthe Centro Congressi Stella Polare, in conjunction with the Universal Exposition EXPO2015 – Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The GFRD is organized by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the World Bank and the European Commission, and will focus on the European transnational markets and the development impact in other regions of the world.

Each day will be devoted to the discussion of key issues form the following areas:
16 June: public sector day
17 June: private sector day
18 June: civil society day
19 June: special meetings and workshops

For further information, please see the GFRD2015 Preliminary Agenda.

The goals and objectives of the GFRD2015 will be to create a common agenda for the European remittance market by:
highlight and demonstrate the importance of international and domestic remittances in Europe, their vital role in development and their impact when linked to other financial services such as savings, insurance and loans;
support national governments in adopting a favourable regulatory framework that promotes low-cost remittances and their maximization in terms of access to finance and creation of wealth;
exchange worldwide lessons learned and best practices;
promote the scaling-up of successful models and private sector involvement as an agent of innovation; and
strengthen awareness of and commitment to poverty alleviation and to the MDGs.

Over 500 high-level participants are expected to attend the Forum, drawn from:
country representatives;
policymakers, government regulators and the diplomatic community;
international financial institutions;
private sector representatives, such as public and private banks, microfinance practitioners, rural and commercial banks, credit cooperatives, chambers of commerce;
international organizations, including U.N. agencies, governmental and non-governmental entities;
academic institutions and think tanks;
migrant communities, the diaspora and representatives from the civil society; and
the media.

The Remittance Marketplace will run parallel to the Forum to allow leading private sector entities and other stakeholders to exhibit their products and services. It will serve as an opportunity to interact with other key players in the remittance market, involving public, private, and civil society sectors.

The Marketplace will also serve as a networking exercise in order to promote partnerships and worldwide cross-learning experiences in the field of remittances. It will provide an opportunity for participants to become aware of business-technology approaches that can best reduce transaction costs, create profitable business models, deliver additional value to users, and indicate means of maximizing the benefits of remittances by linking them to other financial services. Up to 100 top companies will be invited to participate. These include representatives from migrant associations, remittance technology providers, commercial banks, MFIs, credit unions, money transfer companies, international organizations, financial regulatory and donor agencies, among others. The expected outcome of the Marketplace is the creation of stronger alliances and shared best practices with other key players in the remittance market.
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