Electronic money transfer at GPO

The district coordination officer (DCO) Usman Chaudhry was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony.

Among other government officials, the Divisional Superintendent (DS) Pakistan Post Miss Naseem Akhtar, the District Police Officer (DPO) Muhammad Hilal Khan were also present on the occasion.

DS Miss Akhtar informed the participants about the importance of such a facility and other customer services of Pakistan Post.

She also claimed that Pakistan Post is committed to facilitating their customers regarding different inland and international mail services, besides maintaining saving accounts.

Later on the DPO, Mr Hilal Khan after the inauguration of the facility sent Rs1,000 to a friend, which was received by the consignee at the same time.

Speaking at the ceremony, DCO Mr Chaudhry said that electronic money order facility will facilitate people in sending remittances across the country, without having to open an account at the GPO, making it a customer-friendly service.

The DPO Mr Hilal also appreciated such a facility through which government employees could now send their money to their relatives and family members to any city, across the country. The old system of manual money orders took many days to reach its respective destinations.

Source: Dawn

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