World Investment Report 2014

This edition of the World Investment Report provides valuable analysis that can inform global discussions on how to accelerate progress toward the Millennium Development Goals and shape a long-range vision for a more sustainable future beyond 2015.

The Least Developed Countries Report 2012

General information about CONTACT, a leading Russian money transfer system.


Remittances flows are becoming an increasingly salient issue in the international debate on migration and development.

UNCTAD: Impact of remittances on poverty in developing countries


The Ad-Hoc Expert Meeting on Contribution of Migrants to Development: Trade, Investment and Development Linkages was convened by the Secretary-General of UNCTAD in Geneva at the Palais des Nations on 29 July 2009.

Contribution of Migrants to Development background

This note reviews the motivations behind (a) international migration; (b) recent international migration trends and their impacts on development; (c) national experiences; and (d) various policies that countries have implemented to maximize the positive development impacts of international migration, particularly those aimed at strengthening diaspora networks and their capacity to deliver enhanced development benefits in both sending and receiving countries.