Aeneas 2006 – Labour Migration Project for West Africa (Nigeria)

IOM is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants

Migration in Georgia: A Country Profile

The project aimed to contribute to effective migration management in the Black Sea region as well as combating irregular migration through strengthened regional cooperation and capacity building of relevant authorities in all twelve member states of the BSEC.

IOM Georgia Newsletter: Maximizing the Development Impact of Remittances

In January 2008, IOM will launch the new project “Testing New Channels and Products to Maximize the Development Impact of Remittances for the Rural Poor in Georgia”.

Remittances in the Great Lakes Region

In the last several years, migrant remittances have received an increasing amount of attention from policymakers.

Migrants’ Remittances and Development: Myths, Rhetoric and Realities

In 2003, gross flows to developing countries amounted to US$ 142 billion, compared to US$ 18.4 billion in 1980.