Encuesta Sobre Remesas 2010, Protección de la Niñez y Adolescencia (Esp.)

Guatemala, IOM, UNICEF

The Case of Pakistani Migrants Working in Saudi Arabia

IOM today launched a study investigating the impact of remittance flows from Pakistani migrant workers in Saudi Arabia on their families back home.

World Migration Report 2010 – The Future of Migration: Building Capacities for Change

Migration is a constant and dynamic phenomenon increasingly requiring diversified policy intervention in order to maximize its potential benefits and minimize related costs for both countries of origin and destination as well as migrants themselves.

Worker remittances and capital flows to developing countries

International Migration Journal, Vol. 48, Issue 5 – October 2010

Aeneas 2006 – Labour Migration Project for West Africa (Ghana)

he opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

International Migration and Migrant Workers’ Remittances in Indonesia

Findings of baseline surveys of migrant remitters and remittance beneficiary households.

Intra-regional Labour Mobility in the Arab World

While intra-regional labour mobility is a phenomenon of significant magnitude and one that has been sustained over decades, it has been largely absent from the policy and research discourse in the past decade.

The Italy-Philippines Migration and Remittance Corridor

This study reviews the migration and the remittance corridor between the Philippines and Italy through a development lens.

The Global Economic Crisis and Migration: where do we go from here?

In exploring the recession’s impact on migration policies and patterns, Professor Ghosh examines the decline in economic growth – including international trade, capital flows, development aid, and remittances – and analyses its links to joblessness and incomes, poverty and inequality, and changes in the labour force.

Angola: A Study of the Impact of Remittances from Portugal and South Africa

This study shows that there are many opportunities to further involve Angolans abroad in development cooperation.