Study on improving the efficiency of workers’ remittances

This document is the first detailed analysis of financial flows from Mediterranean migrants in Europe, an overlooked subject that has not yet been fully measured.

Migrants’ Remittances and Development: Myths, Rhetoric and Realities

In 2003, gross flows to developing countries amounted to US$ 142 billion, compared to US$ 18.4 billion in 1980.

Workers’ Remittance Flows in Southeast Asia

This report examines remittance fund flow from a regional perspective to understand its trends, as well as to identify policies that can leverage remittance.

International Migration, Remittances and the Brain Drain

International migration, the movement of people across international boundaries, has enormous economic, social, and cultural implications in both origin and destination countries.

Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Typologies 2004-2005

Since its beginning, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has undertaken the study of the methods and trends associated with money laundering – or “typologies” – as a key component of its work. From the start the objective of this work has been not only to share information among law enforcement and other practitioners.

Remittances in the Pacific – An Overview

The report provides an overview of labor migration from Pacific island countries and the remittances that follow. Remittances have always been and continue to be a major feature of the Pacific island economies.

Migrations, transferts de fonds et développement

Dans les pays en développement, les transferts de fonds effectués par les émigrés constituent une source externe de capitaux en augmentation régulière.