General principles for international remittance services (publication of final report)

The CPSS-World Bank report provides an analysis of the payment system aspects of remittances, on the basis of which it sets out general principles designed to assist countries that are seeking to improve the market for remittance services.

Migration and Remittances – Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

This volume, Migration and Remittances: Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, focuses on international migration. The core of the report documents the history of migration and remittances since transition and discusses the determinants of migration.

General principles for international remittance services

In recent years, various organisations have tackled issues related to the important topic of international remittances.

Remittances: strategic and operational considerations

Exceeding USD 230 billion in 2005, remittances are a critical flow of funds for low-income people in both the North and South.

The Role of Postal Networks in Expanding Access to Financial Services

Discussion document by the Global Information and Communication Technologies Department of The World Bank

Remittances and Economic Development in Somalia

This collection of papers examines the role and impact of Somalia’s remittance system. After an introduction, Chapter II examines how a dynamic private sector, powered by remittances from abroad, has managed to thrive in a country that is a failed state and among the poorest in the world.

Microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean – How large is the market

The purpose of this report is to offer an updated snapshot of access to financial services in Latin America and the Caribbean. The approach is two-fold.

FATF – Report in New Payment Methods

The FATF has examined the way in which money can be laundered through the exploitation of new payment technologies (prepaid cards, Internet payment systems, mobile payments, and digital precious metals).

Remittances in the Great Lakes Region

In the last several years, migrant remittances have received an increasing amount of attention from policymakers.