Gender Differences in Remittance Behavior – Evidence from Viet Nam

This paper investigates the role of gender in remittance behavior among migrants using data drawn from the 2004 Vietnam Migration Survey.

Remittances and the Brain Drain – Skilled Migrants Remit Less!

It has been argued that the adverse impact of skilled versus unskilled labor migration can be mitigated or even offset by the fact that skilled migrants remit more than unskilled ones.

Regulating Transformational Branchless Banking: Mobile Phones and Other Technology…

When a cover story last year in The Economist forecast provocatively the “end of the cash era,” some in developing and transition countries were thinking “not yet, for us at least.”

IOM Georgia Newsletter: Maximizing the Development Impact of Remittances

In January 2008, IOM will launch the new project “Testing New Channels and Products to Maximize the Development Impact of Remittances for the Rural Poor in Georgia”.

IFAD: Sending Money Home

This report represents a baseline in a series of regional documents aimed at highlighting the importance of the rural remittances in developing countries and their potential to stimulate local economic activity.


Remittance flows in the Eastern European and Central Asian countries (ECA region) are large and consistently increasing.

South South Migration and Remittances (Working Paper 102)

This paper shows that, while the policy debate and research on migration has focused on South-North flows, South-South migration is almost as prevalent: nearly half of the migrants from the South may be living in other developing countries; and developing countries face policy challenges not only as sending countries, but also as destination countries.

Survey of Remittances to Haiti

Haitians living abroad sent more than $1.65 billion to their homeland in 2006. These remittances sent by members of the

Georgia National Public Opinion Survey on Remittances

Survey of remittances to Georgia conducted by Bendixen & Associates.

Impact of Remittances on Poverty and Financial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

This paper assesses the impact of the steadily growing remittance flows to sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).