Mobile money – Competing with informal channels to accelerate the digitisation of remittances

By GSMA International remittances provide the most tangible link between migration and development. At more than three times the size

State of the Industry

The mobile money industry, as measured by the number of deployments around the world, has grown rapidly. As of April 2012, there were 123 that offered basic financial services to customers. But the number of customers who are actually using these services has been difficult for anyone to ascertain.

What makes a successful mobile money implementation?

This review considers the differences between the adoption rates of M-PESA in Kenya and Tanzania and tries to highlight some of the reasons that the same service launched in seemingly similar countries has yielded such different results.

International Remittance Service Providers

Mobile Money presents a significant opportunity for Operators to develop new revenue through uplifted ARPU. More significantly there has been a dramatic reduction in churn documented from Operators who have deployed Mobile Money offerings resultant from tying a consumer’s mobile to their bank account.