Optimising migrants’ remittances

Five avenues should be explored in order to optimise the impact of migrants’ remittances on development, according to a new joint report by the African Development Bank and France.

Africa Capacity Development Brief – Leveraging Human Capacity and Financing from the Diaspora

It is estimated that Africa loses in excess of 70,000 skilled professionals annually to emigration, resulting in a huge human capacity deficit in the Continent.

International Remittances and Income Inequality in Africa

This paper investigates the impact of migrant remittances on income inequality in African countries, using a panel of five eight-year non-overlapping windows for the period 1960-2006.

The Role of the Diaspora in Nation Building

Lessons for Fragile and Post-Conflict Countries in Africa

Africa Economic Brief – Diaspora Bonds and Securitization of Remittances for Africa’s Development

Despite Africa’s widening financing gap to address its core development problems trasitional sources of finance have proved to be inadequate in quantity and composition.

Development Research Briefs – Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Remittances Flows to Africa

Given the importance of remittances to household welfare and poverty reduction, this brief aims to explore how the global financial crisis will influence remittance flows and, by extension, poverty and economic growth