Migration and remittances for development in Asia

By the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank Group This report intends to provide updates on emerging subjects on

Innovating financial inclusion: postal savings system revisited

Mobilizing domestic financial resources like savings is crucial for Asia’s developing economies. Savings are important because they permit investment, which in

Global Crisis, Remittances and Poverty in Asia

This book summarizes the likely impacts at different levels (global, country, sector and migrant families) by using econometrics, computable general equilibrium modeling, and household surveys.

Addressing Climate Change and Migration in Asia and the Pacific

This report marks the conclusion of an ADB-financed technical assistance project launched to generate policy responses to migration stimulated by climate-related factors.

Worker Migration and Remittances in South Asia

South-Asia Working Paper Series No. 12. By Mayumi Ozaki

Every year South Asian countries send out a significant number of migrant workers, resulting in remittances becoming an important source of funds for economic development.

Asian Development Outlook 2012

The annual Asian Development Outlook provides a comprehensive economic analysis of 45 economies in developing Asia and the Pacific. The

Real-time Evaluation of Asian Development Bank’s Response to the Global Economic Crisis of 2008–2009

The objective of this evaluation is to provide real-time feedback to the Management and the Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on the relevance of its assistance during the global economic crisis (in terms of rationale, consistency, and design), responsiveness in terms of how ADB formulated and delivered the support, and results (achievement of outputs and initial outcomes) and their sustainability. Prepared by the Independent Evaluation Department.

Pacific Economic Monitor – February 2011

The Monitor provides an update of developments in Pacific economies and explores topical policy issues.Recent developments.

Remittances and Household Welfare – A Case Study of Bangladesh

This paper examines the impacts of international remittances on household consumption expenditure and poverty in Bangladesh using computable general equilibrium modeling of the Bangladesh economy and microeconometric analysis at the household level

Remittances in Asia – Implications for the Fight against Poverty and the Pursuit of Economic Growth

This study examines the potential of remittances for promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in Asian countries using data for more than 20 countries in the region for 1988–2007.