COVID-19: How Is the Pandemic Affecting Your Work and the Clients You Serve?

A discussion forum for the global financial inclusion and microfinance community

As countries around the world take measures to protect their populations against the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, it is clear that this pandemic will have not only far-reaching public health consequences but also severe economic effects. As always, poor and marginalized people without access to adequate safety nets are the most at risk.

We recognize that for the FinDev Gateway community of financial inclusion and microfinance practitioners around the globe – and in particular microfinance clients – each day presents new challenges. There are no best practices yet in place, so communication and knowledge exchange with peers can play a vital role in providing support in difficult times.

FinDev Gateway would like to offer a collective space for our community to share experiences, ideas and lessons learned as we all struggle to manage this unprecedented global crisis. We are opening up the comments section of this blog post for the community to discuss how your organizations are dealing with this situation, what challenges you are facing, and ideas for supporting those who most need it.

Some questions to get the conversation started:

What measures has your country taken to secure its citizens and protect them from the virus and the high costs of healthcare?
What economic impact is the crisis having on you and your clients’ lives?
How is your organization dealing with the effects of this pandemic?
Any measures to help clients cope with the financial effects of the pandemic?
Steps to keep employees, agents and clients safe from the spread of the virus?
What role can donors and investors play in addressing the health and financial impact of the pandemic?
Please join the conversation and share your thoughts and experiences. Information and ideas can help us find solutions together. We encourage you to include your country and the name of your institution.

Our colleagues at FinEquity are encouraging a similar discussion on their DGroups Platform focusing on the specific impact this crisis is having on poor and low-income women around the world, who are already among the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in society.

Source: FinDev Gateway