About the GFRD2015

The fifth Global Forum on Remittances and Development (GFRD), convened by IFAD, the World Bank and the European Commission, took place from 16 to 19 June 2015 in Milan, Italy, and was held in conjunction with the Universal Exposition EXPO2015 – Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. The event brought together over 420 policymakers, private-sector stakeholders, civil-society leaders and delegates from 70 countries, to pave the way for leveraging the development impact of remittances. This fifth edition, dedicated to Europe, also coincided with the first observance of the International Day of Family Remittances, aimed at recognizing the great contribution of migrants and the remittances they send to the sustainable development of their home countries.

The GFRD also hosted the Remittance Marketplace, which provided a space for 25 organizations from the private and public sectors, the development community and civil society to exhibit their products and services, programmes and projects.

The Forum was structured around four dedicated days addressing remittances from the perspectives of the public sector (Day 1), the private sector (Day 2), civil society and development organizations (Day 3) and a special day dedicated to side-events and country specific meetings (Day 4).
The GFRD 2015 received extensive media coverage with over 750 press clippings covering the content of this unique international platform.

The Remittance Marketplace, held in conjunction with the Global Forum on Remittances and Development 2015, provided a space for the private sector, development organizations and civil society stakeholders to exhibit their products, programmes and projects. It also served as a networking arena to promote partnerships and worldwide cross-learning experiences. Participants had the opportunity to learn about innovative business technology approaches to reduce transaction costs, and maximize the impact of remittances by linking them to other financial services. 24 top companies, international organizations and no-profit entities participated. These include representatives from migrant associations, remittance technology providers, commercial banks, Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), credit unions, money transfer companies, international organizations, financial regulatory agencies and donor agencies.

Tapping into the expertise of the remittances stakeholders, the GFRD Awards showcase innovative models and best practices that can contribute to strengthen the remittance market through replication and/or scale. The first GFRD Awards were open during the GFRD2013, where three of the 50 IFAD co-funded projects saw their efforts officially recognized as being the most innovative and with a great potential for scaling up. For GFRD2015, the FFR extended the award to participants from all organizations working with remittances around the world. For further info, please visit the dedicated page.

The GFRD2015 Official Report will be released soon.

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