Call for Proposals 2016: Scaling Up REmittances (SURE)

Call for Proposals 2016: Scaling Up REmittances (SURE)

Promoting innovative remittance systems and investment channels for migrants in rural economies

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IFAD, through its Financing Facility for Remittances (FFR) and in partnership with the European Commission, the Government of Luxembourg and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, is pleased to announce the 2016 Call for Proposals: Scaling Up REmittances (SURE).

Through this year’s Call, and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, IFAD’s FFR seeks to increase economic opportunities for the rural poor by leveraging the impact of remittances and diaspora investment for rural development.

The 2016 SURE Call for Proposals will be launched on 16 June on occasion of the International Day of Family Remittances.

The Call focuses on two main objectives:

  • Promoting access and use of remittances as an instrument of financial inclusion
  • Promoting migrant investment and entrepreneurship as an instrument of local economic development

Within each objective, the Call addresses the following thematic areas:

A. Remittances as an instrument to financial inclusion

  • Thematic area A1: Increasing access to remittance services in rural areas
  • Thematic area A2: Promoting the use of adapted financial products linked to remittances

B. Promoting and mainstreaming migrant investments

  • Thematic area B1: Financial investment mechanisms and instruments for migrants
  • Thematic area B2: Migrant entrepreneurship in countries of origin

C. Cross-cutting objectives

  • Thematic area C: Open thematic area (Applications in this category may propose innovative approaches addressing cross-cutting issues or aiming at delivering public goods useful for all stakeholders)

All proposals must fit into one of the following two types:

  • Innovative pilot projects that have proven to be successful within a limited scope, but require minimum additional capital to become demonstrative models and have a potential to be scaled up.
  • Scaling up initiatives that are proven models and best practices in the remittance and diaspora investment fields. This may refer to proven successful initiatives that: (i) can be extended to larger geographic areas or target groups; (ii) may result in an larger scope of products adapted to rural populations; or (iii) can become part of public development agendas as policies or country/regional programmes.

Public, private and civil society entities are all eligible to apply for FFR grant financing; projects including multi-sector partnerships will be favoured.

Submission process

Submissions to the 2016 SURE Call for Proposals will be made exclusively through IFAD’s FFR online submission tool. IFAD will not consider any other type of submission.


The submission tool will be open for registration on 01 July 2016.

Timeline for the 2016 SURE Call for Proposals*
Qualification and submission process phase
Launch of IFAD/FFR 2016 SURE Call for Proposals 16 June
Submission period for Proposals 9 weeks
Deadline for online submission of Proposals 18:00 GMT, 17 August 2016
Review process phase
Review by IFAD/FFR Secretariat and shortlisting 5 weeks
Review by FFR Donors Investment Committee 2 weeks
Pre-selection and due diligence process phase
FFR announcement of shortlisted proposals and start of due diligence process 5 October
Due diligence ends 17 October
Selection and final design phase
IFAD/FFR Investment Committee selection 19 October
FFR announcement to applicants of proposals selected** 20 October
Approval and disbursement phase
Final design of grant agreements for approved projects

(estimate, depending upon individual project complexity)

(from 8 to 12 weeks)
Project approval and signing of grant agreements From 15 December 2016

*Dates may vary depending on the number of proposals received.

**Selected proposals will be part of finalisation process in collaboration with IFAD. The project will only be considered approved at the moment of the grant agreement signature.

Applicants may be: (a) a non-profit institution such as a non-governmental organization; (b) a public, govern-mental institution; (c) a for-profit entity; or (d) mutual/cooperative organization or credit union. For-profit entities are strongly encouraged to partner with non-profit institutions for the development of joint project proposals. If selected, the grant beneficiary would be solely responsible to IFAD for the successful implementation of the project.

All applicants must:

  • Belong to a IFAD member state (alternatively, at least one of the parties involved in the proposal must be based in a member state)
  • Have legal status and be registered in the country in which they operate
  • Have the capacity to enter into a legal agreement with IFAD and comply with the procurement guidelines of IFAD
  • Not act as an intermediary but be directly responsible for the preparation, management and implementation of the project proposed
  • Provide a minimum counterpart contribution of 30 per cent for non-profit organizations and public sector institutions, and 50 per cent for private sector institutions. At least half of the counterpart contribution should be in cash. For-profit institutions will receive the grant funds on a fee-for-success basis.


Through a five-phase competitive process, IFAD’s FFR will award projects from US$200,000 to US$500,000, to be implemented within a maximum 24 month period.



Flyer 2016 SURE: English | Français | Español

Online project submission tool

Logical framework: English | Français | Español

Budget: English | Français | Español

Workplan: English | Français | Español

Project Procurement Guidelines: English | Français | Español

IFAD Small Grant Agreement (English only)




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